Operating Real-Time Customer Service

Operating Real-Time Customer Service

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Saving money and time, giving the customer the best possible experience, and building loyalty with Real-Time Customer Service. These are just a few of the important reasons why providing real-time customer support is so critical for successful businesses.

Establish a Clear Understanding of Your Customers

Customer care is a diverse and ever-changing industry. The good news is that the easier it is to communicate with your customers, the more likely they are to open the door for your next sale. Good customer support means knowing your customers in the first place and what they need from you. This will help you provide a personalized experience with remarkable results. According to Matt Price, CEO of Optimizely, “Real-time support is a key contributor to creating sustained results, in the form of better sales, better conversion, and increased market share. ”

The First-Mover Advantage

A key first step in providing real-time customer support is being first to respond to customer concerns. Customers expect to receive a response within 24 hours. Properly prepared business processes are vital to realizing this level of responsiveness.

By anticipating their needs, you allow yourself time to whip a system up. The urgent nature of live chat is prompting an increasing number of ecommerce companies to partner with companies that monitor customer interaction and respond in real time. Because responses that take days are extremely frustrating for customers and the business, it makes sense to connect with a company that knows how to respond in this type of situation. This gives your customers more time to process their issues while allowing your business time to complete the support process.

Making Better Use of Support Centralization

Many ecommerce businesses are now connecting to cloud-based platforms like Supportbench to centralize their ecommerce support processes and provide better service to their customers, and help their service agents be more efficient. In the past, a live customer care rep might respond to a customer who has just bought a product through an online store. This customer interaction would take place, likely taking hours or even days.

By implementing a few core real-time support processes, an ecommerce company can quickly get back to actual customers while gaining the costs and time savings associated with a server automation solution. In fact, job site CareerBuilder conducted a study that revealed companies employing a live customer care person are able to handle real-time inquiries within 24 hours. Furthermore, employers have more than double the return engagement rates as those that do not.

Chatbots and Facebook Messenger are the Best Options for Omni Channel Support

Across all industries, more and more companies are looking for automation solutions to simplify their customer experience. Helpdesk automation is the next step on the journey to improving customer experience and making your business more efficient and efficient.

If you’re a business needing to offer a specific support service, using a Facebook Messenger-ready chatbot to listen and respond to customer messages can be a cost-effective and effective way to ensure a response to customer questions, concerns, or requests. It takes less than a minute to type out a question.Once the correct information is populated, the response can be initiated and documented. This type of service helps speed up response times and adds more important data to your CRM system. Chatbots can help you become more efficient with customer service and create a better experience with your customer and the customer experience can ultimately be improved as a result.

Make Customer Self-Service a Requirement

If you’re one of the many businesses offering web and mobile self-service capabilities, a customer service and support system that supports this demand will come in extremely handy. In addition to making customer self-service possible, maintaining this infrastructure and system is much more efficient and less expensive than a full-time support employee. But not everybody wants to make the effort to setup and maintain their own service system. In fact, supporting remote helpdesk chatbots, or bots that help manage and monitor social media channels, is becoming increasingly popular.

As more businesses integrate self-service capabilities with customer support, this type of customer support offers a more personalized and engaging experience that customers want to give their attention to. It also saves business time and money, which is always important, and increases your effectiveness.

It’s not enough to offer online self-service. Customers will expect your customer support systems to support customers 24/7, which means businesses must have the resources and help desks that support customer support chatbots to fulfill this demand. Additionally, it’s vital to offer the highest quality customer support you can. No matter what you choose to do with support, there are three key trends in support services:

  • A focus on customer care
  • Refining the support experience
  • Guided self-service

Making customer care a priority not only helps business owners save time and money, but also makes a meaningful impact on their customers’ experiences. A focus on customer care always creates a better customer experience for customers, resulting in them leaving a more positive and satisfied impression of your business.

Refining the customer support experience comes naturally, since it is integral to having the right tools in place. Whether your business is focused on advertising, financial services, retail, outsourcing, manufacturing, food services, hospitality, real estate, retail, or other types of industries, these businesses are using real-time customer service to drive customer value. For example, as part of a customer service and support initiative with a finance company that offers real-time customer support, staff members are on the phone for two hours a day, every day. The staff listens to the customer’s needs and suggestions, then connects them to someone knowledgeable who can assist them in solving their problem quickly and easily. This process creates measurable improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty that results in an immediate return on investment.

Guided self-service is the hottest trend in customer support solutions. If used correctly, guided self-service empowers your employees to answer customer questions and concerns, while providing the proper level of expertise. This can be done by using a smart chatbot or other self-service system, also known as automated chat for customers. Using guided self-service that’s easy for customers to navigate will also create a more personalized experience and better overall business results. A customer service and support team can help organizations connect with customers with real-time, conversational skills via on-the-go automated self-service solutions.

Great customer service is still a must-have, and automated self-service is the best way to give customers the best experience possible. We’re seeing more automated chatbots deployed today, and organizations of all sizes and industries are turning to this technology to manage and grow their support operations faster and better. The evolution of the marketing and customer experience is driving a trend that benefits not only our customers, but our business as well.

Supportbench makes automated self-service an integral part of its platform for marketers, editors, developers, developers, project managers, and attorneys. Consumers are realizing that they are ready to ask questions or start a project on a mobile device and businesses are taking notice. Chatbots help customers shop for products more efficiently and confirm when a purchase is a good fit and what kind of product best fits their style, needs, and budget. In addition, self-service solutions are often more customer-friendly and easier for businesses to manage than full-time support staff. By automating customer service, you can minimize the impact on your staff and reduce costs.

Customers want a positive experience. A cloud-based customer experience platform enables business owners to be more agile by leveraging data to understand and quickly move data. Whether you’re a solution provider, sales rep, call center, social media manager, or customer service rep, join the customer service revolution by getting the right tools.

Supportbench unifies customer support, success, experience, knowledge management, and account management into one simple platform. Do more, with less, to maximize your retention.

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