Empower your strategy with real-time insights and comprehensive analytics.

Comprehensive Real-Time Dashboard Overview

Gain a complete, real-time view across all channels for insights into agents, teams, and organizational performance.

Empower Your Reports with Power BI

Customize reporting effortlessly with Power BI, eliminating complex database requirements for complete data control.

Tailor Data to Fit Your Needs

Cut through clutter to vital data with custom views for tickets, activities, and surveys, focusing on key info.

Get Data Insights via Pivot Tables

Leverage the simplicity of pivot tables for deep data dives, revealing hidden trends and detailed ticket reports.

Decipher Emotions with AI Analysis

Utilize AI for deep sentiment analysis, interpreting customer emotions to derive satisfaction and sentiment insights.

Drive Success With
Key Insights

Maximize Visibility and Insight

Access crucial insights to enhance both customer experience and operational efficiency.

Track and Boost Performance

Utilize productivity metrics for targeted coaching and recognition of team efforts.

Elevate Customer Service Quality

Assess SLA impact and measure satisfaction for continuous improvement in service.

Strategic Decision Making

Leverage data-driven insights for informed, strategic decisions enhancing overall customer support.

Our Clients Words: Hear Their Success Stories

Caitlyn Langston

Chief Technology Officer


Supportbench is amazing in how it gets things done compared to other success and case executives arrangements I’ve used and IMO incomparably superior when it comes to resolving end-user difficulties.

Jonathan Pasquel

Personnel Manager


Using Supportbench has provided our department with a complete client management system. Since everything is one platform, we have a clear overview of all client and team interaction.

Hugh Dauterman

Data Operations Director


Supportbench has supplied our group with a whole client control system. Because the whole things is in a single platform, all are capable of control all conversation in a single area and feature complete over sight into each clients and group.

Jeanette Gillon

MIS Director


My experience with this software is very positive, in particular with the support team. Also, the user interface is very intuitive and easy-to-use, so I definitely recommend it.

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