Get problems solved faster with the right assistance.

Escalation management gives you the ability to put in process to deal with tickets that need extra assistance to ensure problems get resolved at the right level. 

Escalation Management

Automate ticket workflows and enhance customer relationships

Efficiently assign, escalate, and exceed customer expectations with automated ticket workflows and exception management.

Path & Templates

Automate customer escalation paths with defined templates

Supportbench simplifies escalation with predefined templates, routing and properties for efficient customer service


Support your customers your way

01. Escalation Management Process

02. Speed up Problem Resolution

03. Correct Ticket Assignment

04. Automatic Escalation of Tickets

05. Exception Setting for Customers

06. Automated Escalation Paths

07. Escalation Templates

08. Multi-Escalation Paths

09. Ticket De-Escalation Process.

Multi Escalation

Automate ticket escalation and de-escalation processes

Set up multi-step escalation paths to resolve issues and automatically de-escalate completed tickets, tracked by real-time dashboards.