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Key Features

Key Features for Your Business Success


Dynamic Service Level Agreements (SLAs) 

Robust Data Security 

Scalable Infrastructure 

AI-Driven Insights 

Multiple Communication Channels 

KCS Knowledge Base 

Customer Health Scoring 

Expert Local Support 

SMB Customer Management

Tailored Customer Support for SMBs with Supportbench

In the competitive SMB landscape, superior customer support can be the key differentiator. Supportbench equips your SMB with a tailored set of tools to not only address your unique customer service challenges but to redefine the experience for your customers

Support Infrastructure

Power of Enterprise-Level
Customer Support at SMB Price

Supportbench is engineered to bring you the benefits of enterprise-level customer support at a cost that respects your budget constraints. Our platform equips your SMB with advanced features, from dynamic SLAs to AI-driven insights, at an affordable price. 

Technology Driven

Uncompromising Data Security

Data security is our topmost priority. With advanced security measures and role-based access control, Supportbench ensures the protection of your valuable customer data, leaving you to focus on what matters – delivering exceptional customer service. 

Robust Infrastructure

Scale Effortlessly with Our Robust Infrastructure

With Supportbench, you can be confident that your customer support system grows with your business. Our scalable infrastructure can seamlessly manage your expanding customer base and an increasing volume of interactions, allowing your business to grow without any limitations. 

Support Security

Exceptional Local Support

Experience the luxury of immediate assistance and guidance with our dedicated local support. Our team is committed to ensuring your customer support operations run smoothly, and any hiccups are promptly resolved. 


Dynamic SLAs boost startup agility, ensuring consistent, high-quality support for unique customer situations.


Boost startup growth with AI-driven features, uncovering valuable customer insights for informed decision-making.

Autonomy and Customizability

Customize Supportbench to your startup's needs: unique dashboards, KPI scorecards, and centralized email management.

Communication Channels

Seamlessly connect with customers via AI bot chat and email. Cater to their preferred communication channels

KCS Knowledge

Empower your support team with our KCS knowledge base for quicker problem resolution.

Customer Health Scoring

Monitor customer experiences to swiftly tackle issues and nurture lasting relationships.

Industry Leader

Award Winning

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