Unify support with Supportbench's cross-platform integrations

Experience a seamless integration of help desks into Supportbench for unified support across platforms. Sales, product management, and customer management can be managed from one platform.

Native Integrations

Native integrations with no plug-ins.

Work seamlessy with all of your favorite customer service app integrations

Salesforce Integration

CRM & Salesforce Integration

Data is synchronized between CRMs including Salesforce. Give your team the insight they need into Customers and put everyone on the same playing field.

Synchronize Data

Effortlessly integrate with Supportbench

Seamlessly synchronize data and workflows between programs, call events, and third-party help desk integrations. Experience a smooth integration with Supportbench.


Support your customers your way

01. Salesforce

02. NinjaRMM

03. Slack

04. Twitter

05. Facebook

06. Live-chat

07. Azure DevOps

08. Jira Software


Integrate with ease using the full REST API

The full REST API offers seamless integration with internal systems, and business intelligence platforms, and enables data customization to meet specific needs