Manage your team's and customer's email experience.

Supportbench lets you manage all your team email addresses in one place and makes it easy to share work, respond, and gain complete visibility into your team’s communication.

Email Management

Optimize inbox management with response targets

Efficiently manage shared inboxes, route messages, and set response targets. Enjoy an Outlook-like experience with image pasting and formatting.

Pixel Tracking

Enhance prioritization with Pixel Tracking

Get confirmation and prioritize emails with accuracy by using pixel tracking for better insights into customer engagement.


Support your customers your way

01. Unified Inbox

02. Efficient Response

03. Outlook-like Experience

04. Personalized Emails

05. Pixel Tracking

06. Sentiment Analysis

07. Shared Inboxes Management

08. Customer Email Management

Sentiment Analysis

Gain insights with Emotional Tone Analysis

Analyze customer communication emotions and identify assistance needs with Sentiment Analysis technology.