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The Five Pillars of AI-Powered Excellence

Unlock Potential, Maximize Productivity

Only 28% of customer service teams use AI effectively to streamline operations.

To fully harness the power of AI, you must understand its potential to handle repetitive tasks and complex problem-solving simultaneously.

- AI can handle repetitive queries with ease, freeing up human agents for higher-value tasks.

- AI-driven search capabilities ensure quick access to critical information from past cases and knowledge bases.

- Automated case summarization keeps your team focused and informed without manual effort.

Transform your team into a powerhouse of productivity and efficiency by leveraging AI to optimize workflows and eliminate bottlenecks.

Only 14% of organizations have a complete view of their customers and teams.

To provide a personalized customer experience, you need comprehensive insights into customer behavior and sentiment.

1. AI analyzes sentiment and emotional tone, allowing for personalized and empathetic interactions.

2. Health scoring offers real-time insights into customer well-being and engagement levels.

3. CSAT & CES insights provide detailed reasons behind satisfaction scores, helping you improve service quality.

Build stronger relationships with your customers by leveraging AI to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and preferences.

Anticipate Needs, Deliver Excellence

Proactive customer service can lead to a 60% increase in customer retention.

1. AI can predict and address issues before they escalate, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

2. Auto-priority setting ensures that urgent issues are addressed promptly based on activity content.

3. Proactive case management enables your team to resolve potential problems before they affect the customer.

4. Predictive analytics help identify patterns and trends, allowing for preemptive action.

Stay ahead of customer needs by using AI to anticipate and solve problems before they arise, ensuring exceptional service delivery.

Data-Driven Decisions, Continuous Improvement

Companies that leverage data effectively are 23 times more likely to acquire customers.

1. AI provides critical insights into performance metrics, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

2. Comprehensive summarization of closed cases helps identify knowledge base-worthy content, streamlining documentation.

3. Performance analytics offer actionable insights into support operations, driving strategic improvements.

4. Automated creation and updating of knowledge base articles ensure your team has access to the latest information.

Enhance your service operations with data-driven insights that empower your team to make strategic decisions and drive continuous improvement.

Evolve Constantly, Achieve Excellence

Organizations that prioritize continuous improvement are 19% more profitable.

1. AI fosters a culture of relentless evolution, ensuring your support teams consistently deliver superior service.

2. Sentiment analysis identifies areas for improvement in customer interactions.

3. Holistic performance insights combine health scoring and performance metrics to guide strategic decisions.

4. Automated processes and knowledge base updates keep your team informed and efficient.

Drive ongoing improvement in customer support by leveraging AI to foster a culture of excellence and continuous evolution.

The Ultimate Platform
for Exceptional Customer Service

Operational Efficiency

Automate routine tasks and streamlines workflows, significantly reducing the time and effort required to manage customer support operations.

Decision Clarity

With comprehensive analytics and reporting features, Supportbench empowers decision-makers with clear, actionable data to optimize support strategies and business outcomes.

Customer Retention

By providing tools for deeper customer insights and more personalized interactions, Supportbench helps businesses increase satisfaction and loyalty, directly impacting retention rates.

Complete Oversight Into your Customers and Team

Gain a comprehensive view of all customer interactions and support processes, enabling proactive management and immediate insights.

Unified Toolset

Streamline your technology stack by integrating all your support tools into one cohesive platform, reducing complexity and improving usability. CRM, Ticketing, Knowledge base, Chat, AI Bot, Customer portal, Analytics, to name a few.

Anticipate Needs, Act Fast

Leverage advanced AI to automate responses and actions, enhancing responsiveness and allowing your team to focus on critical issues.

Connect on Any Platform

Offer consistent and efficient support across all communication channels, ensuring customers receive help wherever they reach out.

Drive Decisions with Data

Utilize detailed analytics to understand trends, measure team performance, and make informed decisions that optimize support operations.

See your customers and cases at a glance.

Save time by responding to tickets 5x faster 

Manage your support with custom status workflows

Bring all your support into one place.

Deliver faster knowledge by promoting self-service

Analyze customers for retention insights.

Fast-track email communication with an Outlook view.

Accelerate email communication by organizing and prioritizing with an Outlook view.

Get cases resolved faster with the right assistance.

Streamline case resolution and improve efficiency with the right assistance.

Set targeted response times over incoming workflows.

Improve customer satisfaction by setting targeted response times for incoming workflows.

Assign cases by custom categories or levels of support.

Efficiently resolve cases and boost productivity with the right support.

Keep your customers empowered and updated.

Ensure customer satisfaction by keeping them informed and in control.

Our Clients Words: Hear Their Success Stories

Caitlyn Langston

Chief Technology Officer


Supportbench is amazing in how it gets things done compared to other success and case executives arrangements I’ve used and IMO incomparably superior when it comes to resolving end-user difficulties.

Jonathan Pasquel

Personnel Manager


Using Supportbench has provided our department with a complete client management system. Since everything is one platform, we have a clear overview of all client and team interaction.

Hugh Dauterman

Data Operations Director


Supportbench has supplied our group with a whole client control system. Because the whole things is in a single platform, all are capable of control all conversation in a single area and feature complete over sight into each clients and group.

Jeanette Gillon

MIS Director


My experience with this software is very positive, in particular with the support team. Also, the user interface is very intuitive and easy-to-use, so I definitely recommend it.

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