Transparent and Affordable Pricing for Premium AI-Driven Support

Access all the advanced AI features you need to transform your customer support operations without breaking the bank. Our straightforward pricing ensures you get the best value with no hidden costs.

Pricing Section


Best for mid-sized teams


per agent/month*


Intelligent Support AI

Ticketing System

Email, Chat, AI Bot, APIs and more

Internal and Customer Knowlege Base

Customer Self-Service Portal

Customer Healthscoring

Reporting Engine

KPI Scorecards


Survey Engine

Free Onboarding and Training

*based on yearly contract, pricing scales as you grow


Best for many large teams


per agent/month




White Labeling

Advanced Permissions

Enterprise API

Unlimited Custom Roles

Default Personal Views

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Live Onboarding Training

Dedicated Success Manager

Access to Managed Services

Empower Your Support. Enhance Engagement. Elevate Performance.

Revolutionize customer relations with Supportbench’s dynamic health scoring, insightful performance metrics, and seamless integrations for peak operational efficiency.

Proactive Scoring

Assess customer relationships accurately with dynamic health scoring, enabling swift, strategic actions for improved engagement.

Performance Insight

Real-time agent scorecards offer deep insights into customer interactions, driving efficiency and enhancing service quality.

Reports Scheduler

Customize and schedule insightful reports to strategically monitor and act on key metrics, ensuring continuous improvement.

Instant Notifications

Stay informed with timely email and mobile notifications, keeping you updated on every ticket and support interaction.

Event-Driven Alerts

Preemptively manage customer support with event-driven alerts, ensuring proactive responses to emerging issues.

Seamless Integrations

Experience unified support across platforms with seamless, plugin-free native integrations, enhancing operational efficiency.

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Seamless AI
CSAT and CES Prediction
Automatically predict CSAT and CES even when surveys are not filled out, providing insights into customer sentiment and reasons behind scores.
AI Searching
Use AI to ask questions and search past case histories and articles, delivering precise answers without relying on keywords.
Knowledge Base GenAI Bot
Provide your customers with a bot that utilizes your knowledge base content for accurate, up-to-date responses using GTP4o.
GenAI Frequently Asked Question Bot
A generative AI ChatGPT4o bot that answers questions from your customers your FAQ making case deflection easy.
Automated Article Creation
Automatically generate articles from existing cases or upon case closure, streamlining the process of building your knowledge base.
Activity Summerization
All customer communications are analyzed and summarised.
Ticket Resolution Summarizations
Automatically generate concise summaries of ticket resolutions, making it easier for agents to review and understand case outcomes.
GenAI-Driven Customer Insights
Allow CSMs to directly ask GenAI about past tickets, providing quick and comprehensive insights without sifting through old histories.
Smart Auto Prioritization of Tickets
Automatically prioritize incoming tickets based on predefined language settings, ensuring critical issues are addressed promptly.
Auto-Tagging of Keywords
Automatically tag keywords in tickets and articles, improving organization and searchability of your support content.
Sentiment Analysis
All customer activities are measured for their sentiment and easily visible within your views.
Ticket Management
Unified Agent Workspace
Unify all your communication channels into the case. From email, chat, Slack, or Teams.
Create custom views to slice and dice your data to view exactly how you want.
Customizable Dashboards
Add from 40 different data points, customize grouping, ordering, and filtering.
Company and Contact Panels
View within the case contact, company histories, and assets.
Bulk Responses
Send personalized bulk email responses to customers.
Merging and Splitting
Merge and unmerge related cases or split activities into new ones.
Custom Divisions and Grouping
Totally customize the types of cases that come in.
Case Policies
Create different policies to control what fields are visible, their order, and what are required.
Templates and Canned Responses
Create common responses to your customers and share them across your team.
Task Management
Add tasks to cases and assign them to other team members.
Follow-The-Sun Support
Easily manage multiple time zones, workflows, and escalations between regions.
Collision Detection
Know if other agents are looking at a case, or are creating replies to them.
Mobile App
A mobile app to receive notifications and manage your personal cases.
Large Outlook / Gmail like editor
Create large complex emails with ease, copy and paste images, and format just like Outlook.
Unlimited inbound addresses and aliases
No limit to incoming emails, along with alias’s i.e. support@, sales@, info@, etc.
Unlimited outbound
No limit to the number of emails sent through your account.
Customized signatures
Signatures are based on the email address sent to, or the agents profile.
Pixel tracking
Get a notification when a customer opens the email you’ve sent to them.
Real-time email delivery notifications
Know when a message was received and if the email failed, exactly why with a notification.
Email forwarding to activity
Forward customer emails into your support aliases and convert them to cases.
Block lists
Create block lists for people who are spamming you.
Routing forms
Convert delimited submissions from forms, extract that data into cases.
Delay emails to be sent in the future.
Fully white labeled email authentication
Never have an email be caught as SPAM using SPF, DKIM, DMARC authentications.
Dynamic SLAs
Create SLAs based on any data point within the case, company, contact, or asset.
Trigger Actions
Create actions on service level agreement infractions.
Manually Set SLAs
Change service level agreements dynamically to meet your needs.
Multi-Level SLA
Create SLAs at different points of the case life cycle.
Escalate to Next Level
Escalate cases to their next tier or flag them as escalations with notes.
De-escalate Back to Owner
De-escalate cases back to the agents that did the escalation with notes.
Escalation Types
Categories escalations by types to better understand and route escalations.
Escalation Templates
Create escalation templates agents can use to fill out before escalations can be submitted.
Multi-Level Escalations
Multi-level escalations from level 1 -> level 2 -> level 3
Web Widget
Embed a knowledge base only or chat widget onto any website.
Widget Customization
Customize and brand your widget to your organizations theme.
Unlimited Concurrent Chats
No limit to how many chats are held.
View Active Connections
See who is online and when so you can engage them or view their activity history.
Send and Receive Files
Copy and paste images and files from agents and customers.
Seamless Case Interactions
Chats are saved as activities, seamlessly to move between one communication type.
Restart Previous Chats
Continue previous chats, view the history of old chats, and re-engage at any time.
Rich Messages
Create messages with formatting, emojis, inline images and more.
Create actions on specific trigger points in the case lifecycle.
Case Round Robin Auto-Assignments
Auto-assign cases based on case type, assets, and availability.
Email, Chat, and Portal Routing
Auto-route incoming cases based on channel preferences and content.
Article Suggestions
Suggest articles based on the content of the incoming customer activities.
Custom Business Rules
Create workflows based on company/contact data, times of the day, time zones and more.
Public Or Internal Facing Knowledge Base
Monitor online status and activity logs to interact with users or review past engagements.
Structured Content
Keep up to 6 level hierarchy of topics keeping your articles organized.
Content Permissions
Lock article content by customer, assets, categories or customer roles.
Theme Customization
Choose a theme, modify your theme, or create your own with total control over your code.
Knowledge Base Suggestion And Case Linking
View real-time online users to engage or track their activity log.
Revision History
Track and roll-back to previous versions.
Scheduled Publishing
Publish article version at scheduled times.
Approval Processes
Send content written by agents to the right teams for approvals.
Internal And Customer Knowledge Base
Craft agent-only content or design rich customer portal articles.
Multiple Portals
Create different brand portals with different knowledge content.
Comment On Articles
Customers can comment on articles allowing collaboration.
Create Cases On Comments
Get notified on the latest comments and create cases based on article feedback.
Company Admin Management
Have agent and company admin roles for full company overview.
Totally White Labeled Portals
Add your own SSL certificates and cname to fully white label your portals.
Office 365 Authentication
Allow customers to login via office 365.
SAML Authentication
Allow users to login via your own SAML authentication or provider.
Custom Data Views
Create views based on almost any property on a case, contact, or customer.
Scheduled Data Views
Schedule the views you create and send them to your inbox.
Real-time Dashboard
Get real-time insights on what’s happening within your teams.
KPI Scorecards
Scorecards on 35+ KPIs to know exactly how your agents, teams, and organization are doing.
Customizable Scorecards
Create targets on your KPI’s and create a simple scorecards.
Direct SQL Access
Access a live SQL database for real-time queries and data mining by your BI system or IT team.
Create Companies And Contacts
Create both companies and contacts and link them together.
Multi-level Company Relationships
Manage linked firms, streamline reporting, and design workflows with parent-child connections.
Health Scoring
Monitor company health scores for alerts on potential issues through past interactions.
Attach assets to companies or contacts such as license agreements or physical.
Monitor client presence for timely agent alerts on new cases and updates.
Store customer files and documents for easy agent access and efficient contract tracking.
Data Tables
Tailor data tables for client specifics, including training and credentials.
Support Levels
Create support levels and assign them to companies or contacts.
Customer Notes
Add notes visible to all agents or receive alerts on case views and creations.
Customer Roles
Define customer roles to restrict data access, manage workflows, and secure knowledge articles.
Collect CSAT, NPS, CES Scores
Gather CSAT, NPS, CES data linked to clients and cases, either always or at random.
Custom Surveys
Craft surveys for varied cases, adding tailored questions as needed.
Scheduled Surveys
Deploy regular surveys for NPS scores and vital insights, instead of one-off queries.
Data Storage
The size of the database itself on your account.
File Storage
1 GB/agent
How much storage of files each agent can get cumulatively.
Custom Objects
2 data tables
10 data tables
The number of customer data tables on customers are allowed.
Audit Log Retention
1 year
3 years
How long audit logs are available to search and view on cases.
API Request Volume
How many requests are allowed to query your data view the API.
Disaster Recovery
7 days
45 days
Restore your account or data up to this time.
API Access
Fully REST API to get any data or change any data you need.
Portal Liquid Templating
Tailor your portal appearance with complete code control using Liquid language.
Role Based Administration
Create difference user roles and lock down functionality.
Secure Case Data Through Roles
Lock down case data through roles allowing only certain users to view sensitive data.
Authentication Options
Native, SSO, Office 365 and 2FA
Secure Access Options
Password complexity, session length, and expiries.
Data Encryption At Rest And Transit
All data is encrypted at rest, file storage, and data transfers are fully encrypted.
SOC Type2
Fully SOC Type 2 secured and audited.
Audit Log Access
Monitor user logins and email status, with comprehensive event audit data ready for review.
Host Mapping
Secure your domain with SSL; customize your Supportbench URL for a branded experience.
Data Location
Choose the data center of your choice including database, file storage, and web services.
Digital Support
Get support for critical issues within business hours.
24/7 Digital Support
Get digital support 24/7 for all issues that need attention.
Access To The Portal And Knowledge Base
Get help via the Supportbench support bot or online knowledge base.
Onboarding Training
Receive training and setup aid to ensure your success.
Professional Services
Get migration, management, or initiative support from our dedicated team ready to assist.
Dedicated TSAM / CSM
Get a dedicated TSAM/CSM for direct support, advocacy, and team collaboration

New – Included On Every Plan

AI Advanced

Agent Knowledge Base Bot

Predictive CSAT and CES

Intelligent Triage

Customer Knowledge Base Bot

Automatic Article Creation

Select features are not yet available. All features will be available in 2024. Contact sales or more information.

Crafted by experts who understand your every needs. Your customers are in good hands.

Our system doesn't just manage clients; it revolutionizes them.


IT Service

Healthcare Administrators


Educational Coordinators

Hospitality Representatives



Built by support mavens. For business innovators. Designed for impact.

If your goal is to provide standout customer service, Supportbench will empower you to forge strong connections with your ideal clients.

Supportbench has been a game-changer for our customer relations.

Its intuitive health scoring system means we’re always one step ahead in meeting client needs and enhancing satisfaction.

Alexander Rhodes
Chief Customer Officer

Capture Ideal Clients

Connect with your ideal clients seamlessly, ensuring a perfect match with every support ticket handled.

Boost Efficiency

Maximize team productivity with streamlined workflows that translate into more value and less overhead.

Elevate Confidence

Handle support with absolute confidence, backed by comprehensive insights and supportbench’s robust analytics.

Reclaim Your Time

Automate routine tasks and focus on growth, as supportbench optimizes your support processes.

Earn More

Enhance profitability with data-driven strategies that improve resolution times and customer satisfaction.

Secure Stability

Achieve consistent excellence in customer support, securing steady growth and client satisfaction.

Pioneered by Support Experts.

Supportbench isn’t just in live operation; it’s fueled by industry-leading expertise. Witness the impact with testimonials from our thriving user base!

Supportbench has been a game-changer for our customer relations.

Its intuitive health scoring system means we’re always one step ahead in meeting client needs and enhancing satisfaction.

Alexander Rhodes
Chief Customer Officer

Supportbench has revolutionized how we track agent performance. The insights gleaned from scorecards have directly translated to improved customer experiences and team efficiency.

Mariah Cortez
Director of Service Excellence

With Supportbench, we’ve mastered the art of data-driven decisions. Scheduled reports illuminate our strategy, keeping us informed and agile in our support approach.

Elena Miro
Head of Data Insights

Alert notifications from Supportbench have kept us in the loop like never before, ensuring we never miss a beat with client issues or internal team updates.

Owen Tam
IT Solutions Manager

Event-driven triggers from Supportbench have proactively safeguarded our client relationships, enhancing our reputation for reliable and anticipatory service.

Isaac Freeman
Operational Efficiency Expert

The seamless integration capabilities of Supportbench have united our tech stack, delivering a consistent and efficient workflow across all our support channels.

Nadia Patel
Integration Specialist

Make sure Supportbench is the right fit for your business.

Wondering if Supportbench is the key to unlocking your support potential? Dive into our FAQ for insights and affirmations.

Our pricing is designed to scale with your team’s size and needs. Here’s how it works:

– Starting Cost: Every plan begins with a base price.
– Cost Per Additional Agent: Once you have more than 15 agents, the cost increases by $2.50 for each additional agent.
– Maximum Cost Per Agent: The cost per agent will not exceed $150, regardless of the number of agents.
– Transition to Enterprise Plan: When your team grows to 60 or more agents, your plan automatically converts to our Enterprise plan, which is tailored to support larger teams effectively.

This structure ensures that you pay an affordable price and can scale without feature gaps.

Yes, we offer a free trial to help you evaluate Supportbench’s features and capabilities. No credit card is required to start the trial. For more information on the duration and scope of the free trial, please contact our sales team

Absolutely. Supportbench is designed to grow with your business. You can add or remove agents as desired. 

No, there are no hidden costs or setup fees with any of our plans. We believe in transparent pricing, so what you see is what you get.  If you are a larger organization that needs help, we offer migration, training, and onboarding for a determined cost.

Yes, we offer special pricing for nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. Please contact our sales team for more information on eligibility and discounts. 

We accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards and bank transfers. If you have specific payment needs, please reach out to our billing department.

Yes, all our plans include access to our award-winning customer support team. We are committed to providing exceptional support to all our customers, regardless of the plan they choose. 

Our platform is highly customizable to meet your specific needs. The cost of customization depends on the complexity and scope of the changes. Please contact us for a detailed quote. 

We will notify you if you’re approaching the limits of your plan. You can choose to upgrade your plan or discuss other options with our team to ensure uninterrupted service.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Please refer to our terms of service for details about the cancellation process and any applicable terms. 

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