Reshape the Future of Enterprise Customer Support

Alert customer management teams, or adjust service level agreements based on their customer health scoring. 

Key Features

Key Features for Your Business Success

Autonomous and Scalable Infrastructure 

Seamless Customer Support Management 

Data-Driven Decision Making and Innovation 

Advanced AI Capabilities with ChatGPT Integration 

Robust Security with Role-Based Access 

Comprehensive API for Seamless Integration 

Salesforce Synchronization 

KPI Scorecards and 360-Degree Customer Overviews 

Customizable Customer Portal with Advanced Reporting 

Customer Management

Seamless Customer Support Management

Experience a new level of customer service management with our dynamic SLAs, KCS knowledge base, support surveys, and AI-driven customer health scoring. Supportbench enables you to personalize service for each customer, ensuring enhanced satisfaction and lasting relationships. 

Support Infrastructure

Autonomous and Scalable
Customer Support Infrastructure

Reduce your IT dependency with our fully customizable, easy-to-configure, and scalable solution. Our advanced features such as AI-integrated chatbots, an adaptable customer portal, and robust customer administration allow your support team to be the driving force behind your enterprise’s success. 

Technology Driven

Data-Driven Optimization and Innovation

Leverage actionable insights through our advanced AI features including sentiment analysis, intent detection, and emotional scoring. Our customizable dashboards and KPI scorecards empower you with data-driven decision making, leading to continuous process innovation and optimization. 

AI Advantage

Advanced AI Capabilities with ChatGPT Integration

Harness the power of AI with our ChatGPT-integrated solution. Automate customer interactions, generate knowledge base articles, and provide intelligent support via our AI bot, enhancing customer experience and reducing response times. 

Support Security

Robust Security with Role-Based Access

Experience peace of mind with our robust security features. Role-based access ensures sensitive information remains secure, and your customers see only what they need to. 

API Integrations

Comprehensive API for Seamless Integration

Integrate Supportbench easily into your existing systems with our comprehensive and easy-to-use API, ensuring a smooth transition and easy accessibility to information. 

Data Sync

Salesforce Synchronization

Align your customer support with your CRM seamlessly. Sync any data point from Salesforce, giving your agents a comprehensive view of customer information, aiding in personalized support and improved customer relationships. 

360 Overview

KPI Scorecards and
360-Degree Customer Overviews

Track your organizational performance with our KPI scorecards and get a complete view of your customers with 360-degree overviews. Understand your customers better, meet their needs effectively, and drive your business success. 

Customer Reporting

Customizable Customer Portal with Advanced Reporting

Customize your customer portal as per your business needs. Provide your customers with self-service options, gather valuable insights through advanced reporting, and improve customer satisfaction.

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