Make sure every customer is taken care of and gets the right assistance.

Service level management is a key pillar in how Supportbench helps you manage customers. Our goal is to always give you context when you need to reply to customers so no customer is ever left behind. 


Customize SLAs for improved customer satisfaction

Optimize SLAs based on contracts and teams to ensure customers receive what’s promised at the right times.

Targeted Support

Customize SLAs for targeted customer support

Assign SLAs based on license or ticket properties. Tailor support levels for effective customer service


Support your customers your way

01. Customer Service Management

02. Contextual Response Times

03. SLAs by Contract

04. Business Granularity

05. Assignable SLAs

06. SLAs by License

07. SLAs by Ticket Properties

08. SLA Enforcement

09. Performance Tracking


Enhance SLA monitoring with real-time alerts

Get real-time insights on SLA performance through alerts and scorecards, improving monitoring and issue resolution