6 Strategies for Multi-Channel Customer Support

6 Strategies for Multi-Channel Customer Support

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Habits are hard to change, but the speed at which modern businesses are reaching out to their customers is difficult to match. Customers are increasingly used to using the Internet in one form or another. As such, the expectations of your customers are sky-high — and you’ll have to do everything in your power to make sure they keep coming back. That’s why having great multi-channel customer support is essential to your business.

Thanks to smart marketing and high standards, shoppers are now conditioned to expect a host of different ways to interact with an online retailer. Each shopper is armed with their own method to interact with products, but if your businesses are still more traditional in their approach to communication, you could be losing the digital war.

As such, you should consider your multi-channel customer support a top priority — and you should re-consider which model fits best with the needs of your business. Here are a few things you should consider:

1. Integrate With Your Mobile Applications

Shoppers expect cross-channel, cross-device support so they can seamlessly switch between devices as needed. Even though technology is evolving at breakneck speed, the point of entry for customers is still the same: your mobile app. So make sure to invest in a comprehensive mobile support strategy that incorporates mobile support in your omnichannel efforts.

2. Offer Two-Way Support

It’s important to understand how consumers are reacting in real time to your businesses online and offline. For example, shoppers may be on their way to or from work and may be experiencing delays at your website. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure your in-store employees are aware of and able to quickly address any website issues.

Another scenario may be you’re in a meeting and find yourself on the road. At this point, it’s essential for you to switch over to a device and make sure your customers still have the ability to reach you. Consider a real-time, distributed chat support system to ensure no customer is left out.

3. Offer Open Feedback and Host a Chat or Ask Me Anything

Shoppers are very vocal. They’ll quickly share any complaint or frustration they’ve experienced, so make sure you allow them to share their feedback with you. When all else fails, offer them the opportunity to tweet you and ask you any questions they might have. Ask Me Anything chats are especially popular with millennial shoppers, and they’re happy to chat with their favorite brands. Ask Me Anything includes one-on-one chats with consumers as well as video chat, where retailers can answer any questions consumers may have.

4. Create a Singular Brand Voice

It’s critical to create and guide a consistent brand voice. Shoppers expect to be able to access your brand seamlessly whether they’re in the store, online, or using a mobile device, and you want their expeirence to be similar across all multi-channel customer support. Consider using a voice guideline to ensure the customer experience remains consistent.

5. Stay Up to Date with Key Topic Parallels

Many shoppers tend to visit related retailers when looking for the latest trends. Google Trends can help you gauge how your competitors are trending. In addition, consider using customer reviews to help you stay up to date on customer satisfaction. There’s a flip side though: using customer reviews to assist with your research can be a tough sell for small companies. If you are especially concerned with customer experience, it’s best to partner with a Customer Experience Agency.

6. Understand the Countervailing Forces

The pace of modern technology can positively and negatively influence your competitors. Before switching to your new multi-channel strategy, explore the strategies your rivals use. Chances are they have done some research into what your consumers prefer.

All things considered, you need to fully understand the approaches to multi-channel support that will keep your business thriving. In addition to the strategies discussed here, consider these points to help guide your business:

Not all shoppers are influenced equally

Customers need to see a value in what you’re offering. Take time to carefully consider your value proposition to avoid sales pitches that don’t convince customers.

Research is your best business friend

Leverage feedback from your current customers to identify what would appeal to new ones. Don’t neglect your online and offline customer bases. Social media platforms have made it easier than ever to communicate, but sometimes a quick phone call is the easiest way to get feedback.

Less is more

Too much or too little information can scare off potential customers. Be choosy about the information you share to ensure you don’t turn away or leave out the right type of shopper.

Follow these strategies and you’ll improve your multi-channel customer support

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