Drive better customer retention and save costs.

Manage customers that come from any channel and of any size or complexity faster with more insight.

Customer Management Software, Support System & Tools for Customer Service


Unify communication channels through the Omni-Channel.  Manage email, social, chat, all in one place. 

Customer Experience 

Use CSAT and NPS surveys to get customer feedback. Send targeted surveys to customer segments by creating custom surveys and scheduling them.

Customer Notifications 

Signup for alerts and receive notifications on customer activity. 

Support Level Management 

Assign customer support levels to ensure you are aware of what they need and manage assets/licenses. 

Data Objects 

You may need to store some unique information about each customer. Through data objects, you can store service information, passwords, and more.

License Management 

Manage assets or contracts for customers, assign unique support levels to assets, or store license information for your customers.

Customer Roles 

Manage what data is visible to customers by assigning different roles, integrating different workflows, or setting up custom client portals based on customer roles.

Portal and Community

Provide a turnkey experience for your customers, and manage interactions with partners, contractors, and multiple companies.

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