Digital Journal Reports on Supportbench New Initiative, Teaming Up with Cetrix Cloud Services

Digital Journal Reports on Supportbench New Initiative, Teaming Up with Cetrix Cloud Services

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The two companies announce teaming up for landmark global promotion of premium customer support service packages

June 2017 – British Columbia, Canada: SaaS solutions company Cetrix Cloud Services has picked Supportbench as their preferred partner for their newest service involving customer support. Through the partnership, Supportbench will provide its robust customer support service platform to Cetrix clients by integration with other Cetrix Cloud Services, including CRM integration, marketing automation, and market data analytics, which are primarily based on Salesforce and HubSpot products.

The Supportbench platform provides a robust integration bed compatible with all top-of-the-line CRMs in the market. Supportbench also allows a rich customer support portal knowledge base and multi-channel messaging portal that can be customized to the client companies’ CRM and is highly compatible with other service packages that Cetrix offers. Stewart Balanchine, the director of Sales R&D at Cetrix outlines an individual customer experience will be a critical element of success in today’s high growth SaaS environment: “Addressing the needs of each customers taking into account the personalized expectations is the greatest challenge faced by the organizations today.” He added that our first approach with Supportbench was to provide the same aspects of user experience for Cetrix Cloud Services’ clients.

Supportbench is a relatively young company but has quickly gained a reputation to play in the same league as some of the more seasoned industry players. This new venture with Cetrix Cloud Services is driven by the realization of customer service as an important tool for customer retention. Founder and CEO of Supportbench Services Inc., Eric Klimuk is of a similar mindset; “Supportbench brings enterprise power to small businesses and simplicity to the enterprise. Supportbench is a huge help to businesses seeking to implement one customer service system across multiple organizations or departments. Using segmentation, you can have an organization’s IT, Customer service, and Account Management teams securely separated with no limit to how many segmentations you can have. We want to give our clients the power to support their customers by giving them an incredibly flexible platform whilst still keeping things extremely simple. ”

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