Streamline Case Assignment with Supportbench's Round Robin System

Automatically assign cases with Supportbench’s Round Robin system

Round Robin Ticket

Boost productivity with Round Robin's Command Center for efficient case management

Round Robin streamlines case management for agents, saving time and allowing them to focus on important issues. Login to the Command Center to work on assigned cases without scanning through queues. Ideal for high-volume companies.

Case Response

Optimize case performance with Supportbench analysis

Supportbench analyzes first response and resolution times to generate an overall performance score, helping agents quickly respond and resolve cases for improved performance.

Focus Improve

Maximize team efficiency with Supportbench's Round Robin

Say goodbye to manual case assignments and enhance productivity with Supportbench’s Round Robin. Focus on delivering excellent customer experiences and saving time for important tasks.


Support your customers your way

01. Automated Assignment

02. Assignment Methods

03. Queue Available Hours

04. Asset-Based Assignment

05. Working Hours Assignment

06. Availability and Hours Assignment

07. Availability-Based Assignment

08. Resolution Time.

Increase Efficiency

Avoid human error with automated helpdesk and case assignment

Eliminate confusion with Supportbench’s automated case assignment and helpdesk. Tickets are consistently and fairly distributed, reducing the risk of mistakes.