Maximize efficiency with scorecards for tracking performance

Guide agents and understand their overall performance by combining key metrics to create a single, general measure of your agent scorecards.

Agent Scorecard

Efficiently track performance and make better decisions with scorecards

Track performance in product and service quality. Save time, money, and valuable resources by putting all this data into one report. Use scorecards to make better decisions for the future of your organization.

Agent Performance

Keep an organized view of your agent's performance

Supervisors can coach their agents and pinpoint, based on Supportbench’s automatically generated scoreboard, where they should focus their time and energy to improve performance. Low scores highlight areas where improvement is needed, and high scores highlight an agent’s strengths. Use both to effectively improve your customer service and organizational standards.


Support your customers your way

01. Agent Performance

02. Divisional Performance

03. Organizational Performance

04. Automatic Scoreboards

05. Agent Score

06. Total Time Spent

07. Open/Close Case Rate

08. Case Escalation

Increase Retention

Agent Scorecards that measure quality, effectiveness, and productivity

Supportbench looks at a wide variety of metrics and assigns a weight based on the importance of each metric in order to give an an overall score. Moreover, not only do we measure individual agent performance, but we also measure divisional and organizational performance.