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6 min read

7 Steps to Drive Real

Customer Support Improvement

Many businesses have the same goals: to restore and improve customers’ trust and improve their bottom line. However, restoring trust, as well as increasing the revenue stream, for some businesses seems impossible.

3 min read

Customer Service Complaints on Social Media Gone Wrong

So someone made a mistake and responded poorly to a customer's complaint on Social Media. What will you be able to do to make things right? Is fixing it even possible?

5 min read

How B2B Companies are Attracting and Engaging Customers

It’s no secret that customer support is a massive gap in today’s B2B sales world. More and more organizations are discovering that a lack of customer support can ruin the B2B sales cycle.

4 min read

5 Steps to Improve Customer Support

Every business has one set of customers who are the best and most valuable to the brand. And every business has a second set of customers who are the best and most loyal to the brand.