4 Characteristics of Excellent Customer Service Agents

4 Characteristics of Excellent Customer Service Agents

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Customer service agents (CSAs) are like doctors and optometrists in that they need specific training before they can start helping their customers. The best customer service agents are those who have four skills: 1) the ability to listen carefully to help guide the customer, 2) the ability to speak clearly and clearly and the 3) the ability to ask questions that the customer is likely to answer. There is also a technique to identify when the customer can’t answer, as well as to take the uncertainty out of future calls. Here are some key traits of outstanding CSAs.

1. They Listen

CSAs need to listen very closely to what their customers are saying. If a customer is concerned, they have to listen carefully, find the cause of that concern, and offer the right advice so that the customer doesn’t even have to think about it. If they sense that the customer is going to be upset, they need to be very quick to decide how to help the customer through that emotional point.

2. They Speak

CSAs need to be able to speak fluently and with proper grammar and diction. They need to remember to say thank you, even if they need to change what they’re saying to the customer.

3. They Ask Questions

CSAs should always remember that their job is to figure out what the customer wants to know. They need to ask the customer a lot of questions. Not only can CSAs ask questions, but they also can appear very knowledgeable at the request of the customer.

4. They Deliver Care

CSAs also need to remember to be very compassionate. They need to try and solve the customer’s problem. Often the customer’s problem isn’t just a problem, but the customer is actually looking for comfort. The CSAs need to know how to listen to the customer, but not listen to the customer while listening to the customer.

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