Supportbench launches new release offering businesses the most flexible and affordable customer service and helpdesk software on the market

New release offers businesses affordable customer service

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PRBuzz newswire -Users have access to a multitude of affordable customer service tools and features that keep them ahead of the competition

British Columbia, Canada: Almost all businesses have the same four common elements: sales, marketing, IT and support. Supportbench services is announcing their affordable customer service system designed to help small businesses, corporations, and organizations properly manage their customer support base. Users can support customers the way they want using quality features like case, automation and SLA management, knowledge base, customer surveys, mobile apps, security, etc. Supportbench is tailored for all companies needing flexibility and simplicity that’s ideally suited for software and MSP companies. It allows users to customize their support system the way they want it, instead of adjusting to a rigid structure.

“ Supportbench includes segmentation support for organizations looking to consolidate customer service systems. This release is a huge help to those organizations seeking to implement one customer service system across multiple organizations or departments. Using segmentation, you can have an organization’s IT, Customer service, and account management securely separated with no limit to how many segmentations you can have. We wanted to give our clients the power to support their customers by giving them an incredibly flexible platform whilst still keeping things extremely simple. “said Eric Klimuk, ‎Founder, and CEO of Supportbench Services Inc.

The primary intention of Supportbench is to improve upon existing systems like (SalesForce’s, thereby solving more customer relation problems and helping users increase sales.

Some case management features users would love that Supportbench includes are: customizable activity types, case notifications, single pane of glass views, Outlook-like HTML activity content, etc.  The affordable customer service system also offers SLA Management features like Workflow-triggered SLA pre and post violation and a Stop SLA clock on calendar events (i.e. holidays), as well as Knowledge Base features like Article management (agent ownership, queue ownership) and Event-triggered workflows.

Enjoy Customer survey options like Multiple surveys and customer questions, case, agent, team, and global calendars, knowledge base reporting & statistics, Android and iOS Apps, and role-based agent security. Community tools that help you coordinate customers and improve communication amongst them so they can help themselves are also available.

“With Supportbench it is easier for us to get our team of experts working with customers in a connected environment. Our business makes busy people save time, money and resources, ensuring they have the best opportunities. We are glad that Supportbench is there for us so we can deliver amazing support and make our customers feel like royalty,” said Benson K, a customer.

Unique and affordable customer service pricing system, Supportbench is levelling the playing field for customer service organizations by breaking the relationship between feature, support and price.  This allows small and medium-sized businesses to leverage every feature, and get better support at a lower cost unlike competitors that have pricing options that limit access to resources.

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About SupportBench
SupportBench is a customer service system, which aims to bridge the gap between existing small business and enterprise customer service solutions and create a support CRM. They offer tools that allow users customize customer relation, using a beautiful and flexible software. For more information, please contact 1-778-837-0774,, or visit

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