Support Level Management

Manage your team's and customer's email experience.

Support level management allow you to strategically assign different levels of support to different customers or products. 

Support Level Management for Customer Support

Why Customers Love Us?

Customer Expectations

Define rules based on customer's level including SLAs.

Drive Increased Revenue

Sell contracts and ensure promises are met.

Assign by Product

Set support contracts to individual products.

Assign Customers

Whether you sell support as a premium or need to give bigger customers an extra touch, Supportbench helps you to manage them by the company or by contact.

Assign Products

If you sell products that hold different priorities for different customers, Supportbench can manage it all by defining support levels to assets associated with your customers.

Define SLAs

Each support level can have its own SLAs giving you total control into which customers gain top priority.

Define Workflows

Define workflows and automate processes based on customer support levels including unique auto-replies, or escalation paths.

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