Escalation Management

Get problems solved faster with the right assistance.

Escalation management gives you the ability to put in process to deal with tickets that need extra assistance to ensure problems get resolved at the right level. 

Escalation Management for Customer Support

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Correct Assignment

Automate the next step for tickets based on the issue and customer.

Automatic Assignment

Automatically escalate tickets based on the workflows.

Enhance Relationships

Set exceptions and show customers exactly how you perform on your promises.

Escalation Paths

Supportbench automates the customer process by defining the ticket and customer properties; the next step is within the click of a button.

Escalation Templates

Define and route escalations based on the type of escalation it is and define which templates must be used before a ticket can be escalated.

Multi-Escalation Paths

With Supportbench supporting multi-step paths, problems and processes can be escalated automatically.

Ticket De-Escalations

Once a ticket is assessed or completed, de-escalate cases back to their originating owners and track the success of these tickets through real-time dashboards.

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