Saving Time with Live Chat and Self-Service Tools

Saving Time with Live Chat and Self-Service Tools

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Saving Time with Live Chat and Self-Service Tools

Software companies face two key challenges that go directly at the heart of satisfying their customers’ needs and existing clients’ expectations.

Customers have greater expectations than ever before. In many cases, customers ask questions with greater frequency, and with today’s technology and social media platforms, customers have the opportunity to leave a negative review or a negative review for any software-as-a-service or cloud based product.

Software companies need to be more aware of how to react to these situations, and what a potential negative review is worth to their product, their current customers, or even their future potential customers. While on the company website, there should be a system for reps to chat with customers to call their attention, direct them to a contact form, and then ask them to complete their feedback, which can actually increase sales.

Customers are more likely to trust recommendations and product recommendations from the people who understand their need. People have a set of expectations that they want to be fulfilled, and software companies can help them meet those expectations at every step.

A customer-support process can help sales, and it should be integrated into all software tools and company websites. A self-service process allows customers to interact with a software company in a way that is beneficial to them, and gives them a better end-to-end experience for their needs and their questions. If a customer encounters a problem, they can address it immediately. A self-service process also allows a customer to ask questions from any available service rep and with live chat their question can immediately be answered.

Benefits of Self-Service Tools

A self-service tool or website definitely pushes the ability to generate sales without wasting time especially if it has a forward-looking interface that can be easily navigated by customer. Offering self-service via your website is an excellent way to promote your business and retain your most valuable consumers.

This is not some super complicated new technology, self-service is simply a new way of doing things on your website. Now that customers will not have to touch the product at all, they can just type a question or state their need to speak with a specialist, or even look over a vendor’s product and receive immediate assistance. This new way of doing things is being welcomed by customers around the world. Customers today have different demands from self-service, as they become more accustomed to the idea that having getting a response from their queries does not take long.

What Your Site Should Offer

There are all kinds of options to make your website a more attractive for all of your customers. Aside from a simple but attractive design, make sure you keep your website private and secure so customers can put their trust on you.

Your customers expect a better service from you in the future. You should make it easy for customers to call in, it’s one of the best things you can do for your business — to make sure your customers feel comfortable with you and your customers. With the help of customer reps, you can offer your customers a better product experience, which translates into better returns.

Self-service is a very important force for good business especially if you suffer from the lack of service staff. Having staff on the phone and trying to fix something at the same time is too tedious and require more manpower. Self-service technology enables customers to talk to the right person in a single call. Self-service tools allow your rep to respond to a chat provide the solution online as quickly as possible.

Real Customer Reps

It is much easier to create a customer relationship by having a physical phone line, with a new call-center coming up with better customer-support options. Why? From someone who has tried navigating through every possible related questions from a FAQ page and not finding a solution to my problem, I can say that it’s frustrating that after spending so much time looking for your answer and not finding it, you also could not find a “speak to a representative” button.

It is true, customer service can be a pain. But customers expect good customer service if they buy from your business. Today, any kind of business will have plenty of competitors and you will find that those who value customer service, those who provide self-service tools and care from customers service reps have a great advantage over those who don’t.

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