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Deliver better knowledge service with our self-service and FAQ software.

A knowledge base seamlessly tied to your customers and the problems you solve.

We built Supportbench to be KCS first.¬† Meaning, to drive a knowledge base to customers at warp speed, ensure content is reviewed by the right people, and measure what’s working.

Knowledge Base for Customer Support

Why Customers Love Us?

Get More Insight

KPI scorecards measuring every part of your team.

Better Retention

At-risk dashboards to help find customers in trouble.

Get Your Data Easily

Extract, filter, and get the data you need effortlessly.

Customer Support Software

Knowledge Centric Support

Building knowledge from the front lines is harder than you think, so we simplify the process of building, reviewing, monitoring, and ultimately publishing the right data to your customers.

Internal & External Bases

Your agents can access an internal knowledge base, or customers can have access to an external knowledge base. Or you can mix it up and have articles both internal and external.

Article Reviewing

Review knowledge base content based on what the team that submits, giving your experts full control of what customers are allowed to see.

Ticket to Article Creation

Let your agents create new knowledge with a click of a button, and deliver that information to your customers as fast as possible.

Customer Articles

Create content specifically for one customer or customers who share the same role. Using this method, you will display only relevant content to your customers to avoid confusing them.

Article Suggestions

Auto-suggest solutions on cases and deflect cases from coming in when customers create new tickets from the customer portal.

Customer Security

Assign articles to a specific company, or groups of companies based on their role, or asset.

Multi-Department Support

Segment the platform by department, brand, or team. You have full control of your platform, knowledge base and data.

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