How to Build a High Customer Health Score

How to Build a High Customer Health Score

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Modern consumers have become increasingly aware of the number of experiences they need to have before they will purchase. If you want to build your customer health score high, you must approach customer health as a cohesive, and thoughtfully considered the issue. Such a review should not be treated as a knee-jerk reaction to anything you do. It is about building a 360-degree picture of your customer’s experience with your business.

This means finding out what’s really important to each customer. This is not only helpful in eliminating problems in the long run but also gives you insight into how they feel about your business.

Customer health cannot be recorded in one easy-to-digest area, but it can be broken into five main areas including things like service level, pricing, and product packaging. Whatever your customers are looking for in your business, find out what it is, and work to deliver them. The results will be rapid and, in turn, sustainable.

A whole universe of factors go into building a customer score. It’s not possible to track every customer, so the next best way is to hire a customer health score consultant. Consultants have spent time and work to help companies unlock the value of customer scores in order to create valuable customer experiences.

Making the customer happy equals achieving a strong score. Being a long-lasting customer is the goal. All a business can do is put the customer at the top of their list, and then see where else they can improve.

What are the five key building blocks for building a customer score high?

1. Compare your activities to real-world guidelines.

Did you know that a customer health score is about 4x as important as customer satisfaction? What most people don’t know is that small businesses must act as customer service experts at all times. A small business can do nothing to lower the minimum value of customer score but still build a higher value by applying the right strategies.

Be aware of your customer’s feedback, and make improvements accordingly. Looking at standard metrics such as email delivery and phone conversations is a great place to start.

2. Assess your brand goals.

Customer satisfaction is not about which product has a negative return on investment but about growing a profitable business. Being the best in that product category is not the key but about ensuring your competitors stay behind while you grow your customer base. By understanding your goals and building company models around them, you will be able to create a sustainable customer health score high that will appeal to your target market.

3. Target the customer’s expectations.

Maintaining a positive experience with a customer will be an uphill battle if you don’t listen to their true needs. Like other customers, they should be made aware of what is most important to them. It’s not about arguing about the product, but finding out what matters most to your customer and serving them accordingly.

4. Be a partner in their growth.

Once you have worked out your ultimate goals and an appropriate strategy, help your customers meet them through your marketing channels. Your communications are just as important as your products to solve customer problems. The more resources you give a customer, the more satisfied they will be, making you happy, and the happier your customers will be.

5. Align your objectives with your customers’ goals.

Engaging with customers when they are figuring out what they need from you is key to making customers happy and hard to ignore. Clients often have well-thought-out plans of how they will grow the business, and often find it hard to let go of these plans. Your goal should be to help your customers stay aligned with them and grow the business through you.

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