How to Build a Business’s Help Desk Knowledge Base

How to Build a Business’s Help Desk Knowledge Base

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As a service business, how do you create a level playing field for your employees to facilitate and give valuable advice to your customer help desk knowledge base? In every industry especially, there’s going to be certain needs and challenges your customer base will have. The knowledge base of your help desk should work toward solving their issues on a daily basis.

Here’s how you can build an effective help desk knowledge base for your customers.

Constantly Update Your Knowledge Base

If you have a service desk team, it is advisable to appoint a knowledge base manager that knows the entire life cycle of your knowledge base articles. His role would include identifying articles that would provide solutions for your customers and regularly updating the knowledge base. Having a firm and up-to-date knowledge base is crucial to supporting customers seamlessly.

Organize the Structure Your Knowledge Base

Organizing articles into categories and subcategories will greatly improve the end-user experience. An uncategorized knowledge base may leave customers unsatisfied and confused which would require more attention from customer support.

Maintain consistency and design across the knowledge base keeping in mind the nature of the issues that they solve.

Search Capability of Your Knowledge Base Should be Seamless

Aside from organizing your knowledge base articles through categories, it is also a good practice to tag them with appropriate keywords. This will enhance search capability and will result in an improved user satisfaction.

Determine Relevance

Apply a role-based access to your knowledge base. Techinacally advanced solutions should be made available to technicians and support staff. Limit end-users access to articles that are relevant to them.

Keep the Information Coming 

Allow your technicians and support staff to come up with new articles that would provide value to your customers. You should also let them revert to old articles and update the information with more relevant ones. However, you should design an approval process to make sure that your knowledge base is reliable and has good quality. This role can also be taken over by the knowledge base manager.

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