Customer Support for Healthcare 

Ensure the health of your customers by partnering with a HIPAA-compliant Customer Success Platform, allowing them to focus on what's really important: the health of their patients. 

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Why Customers Love Us?

The Preventative Care you provide with Supportbench will allow you to retain and grow your customers. 

Digital Health

You get the features and services you expect, plus more. 

Health Insurance

Get all the tools your business needs with no extra hidden costs.  

E-Medical Records

Designed by an experienced B2B support team.

What our happy customers have to say:

Deliver better customer experiences, more efficient teams, and solve problems faster.

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​Scale Your

Customer’s Vital Signs 

​Compile data regarding certain features, prices, and adoption by each of your end-users and personas (patients, clinicians). 

Directly integrate end-user feedback into your product through surveys.


The Right Actions 

​Organize all of your customer data in a single panel. 

Analyze and evaluate the health of your customers and identify emerging risks and opportunities. 

​Engage With Your Customers 

​Provide personalized customer experiences through digital and human interactions that adapt based on end-user behavior.

Customize engagements so that you can educate old and new users alike about your next release.