Customize customer support data reports with ease

Create tailored data view reports from your customer support database by setting specific parameters. Effortlessly filter information to get accurate insights.

Data Views

Informed business and support decisions with valuable information

Empower both management and agents with insightful information for better business and support decisions. Improve decision-making with access to valuable data.

Case Organization

Improve crisis management and team productivity

Gain access to key data to enhance customer experience and increase efficiency in issue resolution. Use Supportbench’s data views to track trends and optimize caseloads.

Data Reports

Data Views that get you the exact information

Gain valuable insights into your open and closed cases, including issues, supported assets, and surveys with Data Views. Proactively tackle challenges and shift focus where necessary for better results.


Support your customers your way

01. Team Productivity

02. Crisis Management

03. Performance Metrics

04. Detailed Data Reports

05. Flexible Views

06. Seamless Escalation

07. Trends by Issue

08. Caseload Organization

Increase Retention

Improve your customer support performance metrics

Immediately pull reports on customer satisfaction surveys and SLAs. You can view CSAT scores by agents to measure performance, easily identifying your happy and unhappy customers, while also knowing what area an agent needs to focus on to improve their metrics.