Building a Higher Customer Satisfaction Score

Building a Higher Customer Satisfaction Score

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With customer satisfaction becoming a company’s most valuable asset, especially for a multi-channel brand, building your customer satisfaction score is important. Here are 5 tips for leading customers toward a higher score:

Maintain consistency in your offering.

Guest satisfaction can be measured in many ways — quantity of consumers served, overall customer satisfaction, service quality, purchase decision-making process, or the perceived value of your business. All this factors drive a good customer satisfaction score. To drive consistent and more satisfactory consumer interactions, build consistency in your offering. Retailers like CVS, Home Depot, and FedEx are taking this approach, making sure service, product design, and other elements are consistent across their distribution channels. Most importantly, the customer experience at each point should be equally inviting and excellent.

Make yourself readily accessible.

To increase the likelihood of customers returning to your store or website, locate a device that sends real-time, customized reminders about specific elements of the purchase experience — including the follow-up visit and whether consumers are happy with your service or products. This offering will be more likely to drive repeat users back to your retail space or websites.

Be knowledgeable and responsive.

Customers expect your staff to be knowledgeable about their needs and products. To satisfy this demand, implement customer-intelligence software that provides real-time feedback about a variety of attributes, such as transactions and points of interest. Provide information and guidance to give guests suggestions on how to engage with your product or service. Routinely evaluate and measure the performance of your employees. Employees can play a significant role in creating and maintaining a positive customer experience. Take time to evaluate employees to ensure they are well-trained in their tasks and expectations and are willing to provide fair and effective service. To lower turnover and cut back on hassle, plan consistent training with learning for all employees.

Be accessible on your phone and messaging platform.

Many customers access your website or company website via a mobile device, including Facebook and Google’s Chrome browser. As a business, you’re likely to gain customers who are first-time visitors through the mobile device, making it more important than ever to educate and inform customers in a way that provides instant responses. Use systems to triage complaints, allow customers to quickly and easily escalate their issues, and communicate with customers to help them access support when and where they need it.

Encourage feedback.

Your own customers are a great resource for problem-solving. One way to evaluate your own operations is to listen to and respond to customer feedback — reviewing complaints about pricing and service online or through social media channels. They can also review vendor performance reports to make informed decisions about their selection of tech support.

Looking to grow your customer score? Look to your employees to understand customers better, and begin analyzing your overall business processes to see if they can get better results. One simple way to do that is to begin gathering customer feedback on key areas that may be making your business less successful. For example, if customers are complaining about the inconsistent quality and unresponsive service, do you agree? If not, what do you need to do differently to generate more satisfaction? If you are improving your offerings, consider using the data collected from your associates to make informed decisions about your delivery of services, products, or prices, and opportunities to leverage customer experience data to make the business more rewarding for all stakeholders.

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