5 Reasons Why Your Enterprise Customer Support Team Should Use a Dedicated Solution Over a CRM

5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Use Your CRM for Enterprise Customer Service

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As a growing B2B company, you may be tempted to use your existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for managing your customer support needs. While it may seem like a logical choice, CRM systems often fall short in addressing the unique requirements of enterprise customer support. Here, we explore five reasons why relying on CRM systems may not be the best option and how specialized support solutions, powered by support engineers, can enhance your B2B customer support efforts. 

Streamlined Integration and Relevant Information 

The Promise: CRMs claim to offer seamless integration with all your customer data, making it easily accessible for your support team. 

The Reality: Support engineers often don’t require all the information available in a CRM system. Excess data can hinder their ability to efficiently address customer issues. Dedicated customer support solutions provide only the relevant information needed, reducing clutter and enhancing efficiency. 

Supportbench: 5 Reasons Why Your Enterprise Customer Support Team Should Use a Dedicated Solution Over a CRM

Focused Third-Party App Integrations 

The Promise: CRM systems boast a vast array of plugins and apps to customize your support system according to your business needs. 

The Reality: While CRMs do offer many plugins, they are generally not focused on customer service. In contrast, native customer support solutions are designed specifically for support teams and offer more functional and tailored integrations. 

Supportbench: A visual representation of the diverse integrations available with dedicated customer support solutions.

Targeted 360-Degree Customer View 

The Promise: A CRM’s 360-degree customer view enables sales teams to better understand customer issues and improve the sales process. 

The Reality: This comprehensive view can often lead to information overload, causing confusion and hampering the sales process. Dedicated customer support solutions can push only relevant ticket information to the CRM, enabling a truly beneficial 360-degree view. 

Supportbench: A depiction of how the selective data flow from support solutions to CRM systems can create an effective 360-degree customer view.

Enhanced Flexibility and Customizability 

The Promise: CRMs, such as Salesforce, offer extensive customization and flexibility, enabling you to create a tailored support solution. 

The Reality: Customizing CRM systems often requires specialized expertise and can be expensive. Dedicated customer support solutions like Supportbench are designed specifically for support departments, offering built-in flexibility and customizability without the need for costly consulting or technical expertise. 

Supportbench: A visual representation of how dedicated customer support solutions offer out-of-the-box flexibility and customizability.

Cost-Effective and Intuitive 

The Promise: Using a CRM system for customer support saves money by reducing training and IT support needs. 

The Reality: Complex CRM systems can increase training time and often require costly consultation for customization. Dedicated customer support solutions are more cost-effective, user-friendly, and easily managed by support teams without expensive consultation. 

Supportbench: A comparison of the cost and ease-of-use of CRM systems and dedicated customer support solutions.

While CRM systems are designed primarily for managing sales pipelines, dedicated customer support solutions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of B2B enterprise customer support. By investing in specialized support solutions and support engineers, your organization can enjoy more functional integrations, targeted customer views, built-in flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, ultimately delivering better customer experiences and enhancing your bottom line. 

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