Automate data report emails with scheduled delivery

Send automated scheduled data report emails to recipients at the scheduled time based on a pre-set time, frequency, and desired data/content.

Scheduled Data Views

Uncover insights with Supportbench's Scheduled Data View feature

With Supportbench’s robust Scheduled data view feature, you can see the big picture with help from your data. This includes the distribution of cases across priority, status, asset, and owner. For most organizations, this data is invaluable to have and allows you to pinpoint focus on major areas that might need improvement.

Data Analysis

Breakdown your data and deliver greater transparency

Allow information to be delivered efficiently and consistently to the relevant end users, giving them the opportunity to closely analyze organizational performance. Choose when you want to send a report, how often you want to send a report, and to who. You can even send reports to groups and teams.


Support your customers your way

01. Case Distribution

02. Organizational Performance

03. Team Reports

04. Scheduled Data Views

05. Schedule Update

06. Automated Email Reports

07. Organizational Insights

08. Monitor Changes

Organizational Performance

Scheduled Data Reports that continuously improve your organizational performance

Get the data you need when you need it and let you to continuously monitor changes and areas of impact within your organization. By knowing where to focus your energy and time, and when to do it, you can continously improve and always be on an upward trend.