Knowledge Centric Support

Use an efficient knowledge base to keep your customers updated.

Knowledge Centric Support provides a continuous loop for managing, sharing, and improving knowledge, effectively becoming the way your team provides support, both to internal agents and external customers

Knowledge Centric Support for Customer Support

Why Customers Love Us?

Empower Customers

Stop customers from creating cases by publishing solutions publicly.

Customer Satisfaction

Solutions are found faster by customers and agents.

Less Training

Build internal product/service knowledge that's easily searchable.

Capture Knowledge

Share the solutions your agents provide to customers by sending that content directly to the knowledge base for review and publication.

Structure Knowledge

Make your knowledge consistent using templates, publish your knowledge to the right topics, and use a built-in library to control your resources.

Reuse Knowledge

Auto-suggest existing solutions based on your agent's search and knowledge base to solve a customer issue.

Improve Knowledge

Knowledge base administrators can easily comment or update articles directly and publish them to the customers.

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