Native integrations and with no plug-ins.

All integrations become an extension of Supportbench ensuring a seamless experience across platforms. Sales should live in sales, product management should live in their tool, and customer management should only need one platform.

Help Desk Integrations & Apps for Seamless Customer Service

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Deliver better customer experiences, more efficient teams, and solve problems faster.

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Direct Integrations 

Sync data between programs, call events, run workflows based on their events, and make third-party applications seem like extensions to Supportbench rather than separate programs.

CRM & Salesforce 

Data is synchronized between CRMs including Salesforce. Give your team the insight they need into Customers and put everyone on the same playing field.

Rest API  

The full REST API allows you to integrate with your own internal systems, business intelligence platforms, or change data as needed.

No Add-Ons

Integrations are native and are seamless.

CRM Syncronized

CRM data is brought in allowing searching of assets making you more productive.

Extend Your Platform

REST APIs and webhooks giving you the freedom to extend.

Why Customers Love Us?