SLA Management

Increase agent’s performance and reduce response times by setting up SLA Management with Supportbench

SLA Management

Manage your service level agreements or SLAs between your agents and their supervisors or the service provider (you) and the client. Make sure all the services your business provides are being fulfilled and cared for.

Increase Permanence Indicators

Increase NPS Score

Measure Agent Performance

Monitor Satisfaction Scores

Increase your customer service agent performance

Time to First Response

Time to Assign a Case

Response Goals by Issue

Response Goals by Asset

Time to Agent Response

Time to Close a Case

SLAs help increase your agents key performance indicators such as first response time, response time and time to close a case. By setting your SLAs, you can establish response goals by issue, asset and priority, allowing for a vastly improved customer experience. This will directly increase your organizations NPS and customer satisfcation scores, while also driving individual agent performance. 

SLA Management that optimizes your customer experience

Build custom workflows and set appropriate response times for your agents. Stack your requests and cases in an orderly manner so you can keep a focused track on keeping delivering a smooth customer experience.

Report, monitor & measure SLA performance

Continuous improvement is essential to SLA management and the only way to do that is by tracking. Produce reports for your account, monitor areas that need improvement and keep optimizing targets.