Role-Based Administration

Using role-based administration, create specific securities that outline what an agent may see and do.

Role-Based Administration

Separate responsibilities and limit access for agents, teams, and divisions. Additionally, ensure that your service representatives can only access the information they require to carry out their jobs.

Data Divisions

User Access

Operational Efficiency

Administrative Support

Track user access and secure data divisions

Custom Access

Reduce Data Breaches

User Tracking

Audit Data

Regulate Compliances

Role Interchange

Create unique role-based administration profiles for each division and assign them to agents. As a result, the agents’ access will be limited to the parameters you specified when creating the roles. Therefore, they will no longer able to view data outside of their given roles.

This limits their access to potentially sensitive data as well, lowering the risk of data breaches and enabling your agents to concentrate on their work responsibilities.

Role-Based Administration that maximizes operational efficiency

Add and switch roles quickly and easily. Moreover, all of these roles can be matched with the organisational structure of your firm. This eliminates the need for additional administrative and IT support work when changing agent roles or job titles, such as password changes.

Audit your customer data and reduce costs

Role-based administration enables the continuous monitoring of user access and compliance with real-time audit-ready data.

As a result of enhanced efficiency, Supportbench has implemented a system to streamline account provisioning, regulatory compliance, and fine-tuned user access, which often results in lower expenses.