Realtime Dashboard

Analyze your customer data and determine how your business is performing on an organizational level with a realtime dashboard.

Realtime Dashboard

Compile all your customer support data into one dashboard and obtain a full scope of your business performance. Filter the results by Division, Team or Agent. 

Permanence Indicators

Sentiment Scores

Case Status Summary

Agent Activity

Maintain a full scope of your organization's performance


SLA Performance

Article Contributors

Case Volume

Agent Status

Activity Word Cloud

Include and integrate custom data widgets to understand how your customers and agents feel about a topic at a glance and identify what’s important to your customers. Measure how many cases have been created and closed by an agent, how many activities are within those cases, and how many cases they are currently working on. 

A Realtime Dashboard that helps you scale

Determine how fast your agents first respond to a case, display a breakdown of the events in the knowledge base over the past 14 days, and help your team be aware of any related issues or problems.