Customer Management

A support system with all the tools for your case management.

Drive better customer retention and save costs.

One customer management software for all your every case management. Keep track of your clients from any channel, faster and with more insight.

Customer Management for Customer Support

Why Customers Love Us?

Get More Insight

KPI scorecards measuring every part of your team.

Better Retention

At-risk dashboards to help find customers in trouble.

Get Your Data Easily

Extract, filter, and get the data you need effortlessly.

Health Scoring

Utilize this score in automation, to alert customer management teams, or to adjust service level agreements based on its value.

Agent Scorecards

You can easily get a 0-100 score based on your service level agreements, customer satisfaction, and aging cases so you'll know exactly what's working.

Power BI

The power is familiar, and you have complete control, so you don't need to learn table structures, nor to have someone else build your reports.

Realtime Dashboards

The real-time Dashboard in Supportbench lets you see what's happening across all channels, whether it's an agent, team, or global view.

Sentiment Analysis

Using artificial intelligence, we collect all customer communication (emails, chat, social) so you can see how your customers feel about you.

Scheduled Data Reports

Schedule your data views to be sent right to your inbox or a group of people.

Data Views

Get to the exact data you need by creating custom views of tickets, activities, or survey data.

Pivot Tables

Pivot your data just like in a spreadsheet making it easy to configure and view customer management ticket reports.

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