Health Scoring

Alert customer management teams, or adjust service level agreements based on their customer health scoring. 

Health Scoring

The health scoring feature is designed to make your organization more proactive, allowing you to quickly and efficiently assess a clients needs and take the necessary actions to provide the best customer experience possible.

Track NPS Score

Insights on CSAT 

Data driven CES

Health Insights

Drive the desired outcomes for your customers

Predictive Health Score

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Support Engagement

At-Risk Alerts

Organizational Scoring

Key Performance Metrics

Tracking customer sentiment is the simplest way to review leading indicators of retention. It provides you an at-a-glance method to understand how one account is doing, how multiple accounts one CSM owns are doing, or how an entire team or division is doing, especially if you look at the movement of health over time.

Health Scoring that identifies and reduces customer churn far in advance

Use multiple metrics to determine just how “healthy” a customer is. Analyze the data you need far in advance and determine the best course of action to take to avoid churn. Use Supportbench to provide a white-glove service your client won’t forget.

Increase retention and clarity on an organizational level

Analyzing our aggregated health score at a glance allows you to understand how a customer currently feels about your product. Quickly understand what areas need improvement and how to provide the best customer experience by pinpointing these areas and developing a strong customer-client relationship.