Data Views

Generate specific data view reports from your customer support database and filter them with the parameters that you decide.

Data Views

Provide management and agents alike with valuable information that will assist in making insightful and effective business and support decisions.

Team Productivity

Crisis Management

Performance Metrics

Detailed Data Reports

Improve crisis management and team productivity

Flexible Views

Seamless Escalation

Trends by Issue

Caseload Organization

In order to remain relevant in today’s ultra-competitive world, organizations must be flexible enough to respond swiftly to both major support concerns such as escalations and industry changes.

Data views at Supportbench can be used in a variety of ways to increase productivity, specifically, it allows you to see trends in issues, organize your caseloads for better efficiency and pull specific data from the system when you need it – no waiting around. A large emphasis is placed on providing an excellent customer experience, so Supportbench gives you access to the data necessary to do so.

Data Views that get you the exact information

Observe the trends in your open and closed cases, such as trends in issues, trends in what assets are being supported the most, and all surveys attached to cases. This allows for both agents and organizations to better adapt to incoming challenges while also making you aware of where your focus needs to shift.

What is wrong with this asset? How many cases over a specific time period are related to this one issue? Use Data views to your advantage to tackle things before they become bigger issues.

Improve your customer support performance metrics

Immediately pull reports on customer satisfaction surveys and SLAs. You can view CSAT scores by agents to measure performance, easily identifying your happy and unhappy customers, while also knowing what area an agent needs to focus on to improve their metrics.