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We unify customer support, success, and experience into one seamless platform to drive customer wellness and reduce costs.  

Agent 365

Scorecards give you insight into all parts of your team’s performance. 

We compile more than 30 KPI data, combine them, and produce scorecards so you can quickly identify where your team is succeeding and where it is struggling.

This allows you to concentrate on the areas that require the most work.


Agent Scorecard

Agent History

Audit Trails

Salesforce Integration

All Salesforce data is synchronized back into Supportbench allowing you to search, and create workflows, and reports of Salesforce data within your Customer Support Platform.

Imagine your tool that lets agents know that a customer is about to renew on a product they need help with, with full visibility.

No Plugins here, just a seamless experience.

Synchronize Accounts

Synchronize Cases


Salesforce Data

Cost Save

By combining customer service, customer experience, customer success, and third-party native connections into a single straightforward platform, we can reduce the cost of your tech stack up to 75% of what you’re paying now.

Supportbench is the only truly unified platform and not simply a suite of products Frankenstein’d together.

Consolidated Software

Decrease Costs

Automate Workflows


Canada Wide

When you create an account in Canada, 100% of your data and 100% of your services stay IN Canada ensuring compliance with Canadian Laws.

You never have to worry about data being shared or stored in other regions

Canadian Data Centers

Canadian Built

Canadian Staffed

Unparalleled Experience